Once again I discovered a cool type of post on Tumblr and once again I am stealing the idea. You have to complete the sentence ‘If I were a…’ according to the different themes like a series, a color, etc. So let’s get to it.

If I were a place… i would be any city with big sky-scrapers and other green buildings with a futuristic vibe.

If I were a color… i would be the color blue. This is my all time favorite color. I just love every shades of it, from baby blue to deep sea blue, me likey. 💙

If I were a season… i would be spring, because i am an April baby and spring is the embodiment of rebirth and life to me! Everything becomes colorful again, the nature wakes up. I love this feeling.

If I were a number… i would be the number 8 because it represents infinity. I also love the 3 and 19 (my birthday, again).

If I were a quote… i would be this one because it really fits me. This is the motivation I need right now. I think I found it in a women’s magazine but I’m not sure.

You believe in Santa Claus for 8 years so you can believe in yourself for at least 5 minutes. -someone

If I were an element… i would be water because i feel at home when I am in water, I feel me and it feels like I can breathe (it’s a metaphor uh, but I wish though). 🌊

If I were an animal… i would be a puma or a baby otter. I’ll go with a baby otter, it’s way cuter.

If I were a fictional character… i would be Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf. He is my spirit animal. I breath in Stiles Stilinski.

If I were a tv show… I would be Friends because this show is a legend and Joe is bae but otherwise, Teen Wolf (hi stiles, it’s me, again).



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