As i wondered on instagram, youtube and tumblr at 3am, i started wondering what it would be like to be friends with some of the ‘influencers’ and artists i follow and admire. this is how i ended up making a list of friend crushes i have (if you can call it that way).

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@juliadang is the perfect big sister and guardian angel you need in your life. actually her whole squad is like an army of guardian angels. you should watch her real talk videos, it is full of good advice and they are all genuine people.

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@justinemaebiticon is like the inspirational friend, the one who always has your back and reminds you how much you worth and what you deserve.

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@prettymuch they are the ultimate squad goals honestly. always being lit and hyping each other. I am so here for it. It is the same for @bts.bighit and @ateez.official

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@lilmiquela is like the friend that talks so much and is so fun and cool but she is actually really sentimental and cute and she just needs love.

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@quenblackwell is what I would describe as a human representation of an energy drink and your best comedy show. always here to follow your weird-ass ideas and always hyping you up.

that’s it for the article, i really had fun editing the pokemon cards and i hope you like this little twist in the presentation!! thank you for reading and i really want to know who you have a friend crush on?






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