I am back today with a new interview! This time, i interviewed Sara who is the owner of @fhlurs (or @saramargiela) on instagram. Sara is a 18 years old blogger from Europe with an amazing taste in fashion, beauty and art, even the French girls are jealous at this point. I really love her page, it is one of my daily inspiration source and a must-see for people who love everything simple, minimalist and artsy. She also runs a blog and Tumblr page, that my computer also consider as my ‘most visited pages’ aha. So get to know the beautiful Sara.

Julie (me)- Can you describe yourself, your blog and instagram page?

Sara- I’ve always been interested in art so that’s a huge part of my life! My instagram is an inspiration mood board focussing on fashion and style!

J- What first started? and why?

S- I started my instagram page back in 2015 just to have an outlet for my personality, after that came my blog.

J- Where do you get all your pictures? Do you post some of yours?

S- Pinterest and Tumblr are my main sources, I try to sometimes post my own but that’s mostly on my personal instagram.

Sans titre-34

J- What/Who inspires you the most?

S- Music and books are my main inspiration! Also everyone I follow on instagram.

J- Top 5 of your favorites brands (affordable or not)?

S- &OtherStories, Arte, Maison Margiela, Acne Studios… but actually just vintage shops.

J- How do you feel about having this much followers? Do you interact a lot with them?

S- It’s amazing how many people I can reach just by sharing my own style and the things I like! I try to interact with everyone! People can always send me a direct message!

J- What are you studying right now? Where do you want to work in the future?

S- I’m now studying in terror design and after that I’m probably going to finish with architecture! I would love to work in Paris on my own!

Sans titre-32

J- What are your hobbies?

S- Reading, painting…

J- Do you have any animal?

S- No but I love them!

J- What is your current playlist?

S- Tokio Myers, Fredwave 99 and Zeds Dead!

Thank you so much to Sara for letting me interview her and don’t forget to check her instagram, blog and Tumblr out.


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