Get To Know: Luxu Class

Today, I introduce you Julie, the girl who runs the famous account Luxu Class on instagram! She currently owns 76,8K on instagram (and so much more to come) and she is for me a must-follow account for everything fashion, celebrity and lifestyle related.

I discovered her account almost a year ago and her feed is always blessing my eyes. So here are 10 questions that will help you to know more about Luxu Class!


Julie (me-)- Can you describe yourself and your account?

Julie (not me but LuxuClass aha)– I’m a 17 year old girl, who turns 18 on Saturday (5th May) -tomorrow-. I’ve always been interested in fashion and creating mood boards. When I was younger I wanted to become a fashion designer, however I’ve put that behind me.

My account consists of celebrity street style, movies and basically things I find inspiring. Come check it out.

J- When did you start you account and why?

J- I started my account in August of 2016, I believe – it’s been a while hah. The reason I created my account was because, I constantly have new ideas and wanted to have a “place” to put them all. And ever since I started it I haven’t been able to quit.

Sans titre-27

J- How do you feel about having this much followers and some models noticing your account?

J- It’s of course very exciting whenever someone notice my work. And I’m extremely grateful for my following, but I never intended to have a large following. It was all just for fun and games.

J- You just opened a blog. What prompted you to make this decision?

J- Like I mentioned earlier I constantly have new ideas and this was a way for me to get a little more personal. And I have plenty of new posts coming up, so stay tuned!

J- What/Who inspires you?

J- I find inspiration everywhere whether it’s from art, nature, music, celebrities, strangers or movies. So I don’t really have one specific thing or person that inspires me.

Sans titre-28

J- What are your hobbies?

J- My blog is obviously a big passion of mine, but I’m also just a average teenage girl. So I love to hang out with my friends, shop, workout, paint/ draw, listen to music and go for walks.

J- Favorite instagram accounts?

J- I love @negin_mirsalehi  and my friend @parisestchic!

J- Current playlist?

J- It’s linked at my blog! Just click the music note 🙂

J- Your goals for this year?

J- I take every day as it comes, so I haven’t set any specific goals to be honest.

I take every day as it comes. -LuxuClass

J- Any tip(s) for starting the day in a good mood?

J- Have a good breakfast and maybe have workout or yoga session. (You’ll feel amazing the rest of the day, even though it sucks in the moment). And just remember that it’s a new day and keep moving forward.

Have a good breakfast and maybe have a workout out or yoga session.

Thank you very much to Julie for letting me interview her and if you guys haven’t checked her instagram page and blog yet, just go!! Tell me if there is anyone you want me to interview for the next ‘Get To Know’ post!


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