As you are reading this I am in Seoul, South Korea having an existential crisis and battling my own internal thoughts and problems but let’s talk about it in another post. Today I want to share with you my (very) simple blogging list i check before posting an article. These are very obvious statements but when you spend 4 to 5 hours on a computer working and writing sometimes the most obvious things aren’t that obvious.

  • write the post
  • Then the title
  • Re-read the post and make sure there isn’t any spelling or grammar error
  • Add the links of all brand, product and sites mentioned
  • Add good quality pictures that fit the theme
  • Change the post’s URL to make it shorter (it is a way to make your blog easier to find on google)
  • Add the post in a blog category
  • Add keywords (also known as hashtags, but not too much)
  • Choose the image that will be displayed in the WordPress reader page
  • Add the location
  • Add a signature phrase at the end of the post
  • Make sure you did all the things mentioned above!!

I guess I am giving blogging tips now! I hope it helped you in any way and I see you very soon in another post about my arrival to Korea, my youtube channel and so much more.


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