The Late Night Digest is a magazine created to inspire people, it put the spotlight on young and creative women all around the world and share a bit of their universe through interviews. The goal is to show that no matter where you are, how far you have come and how far you want to go that there are always people like you, seeking for inspiration, love and who want to make their dreams come true as much as you do. It is also a place where you can explore the different sides of your personality and find comfort.

Since the magazine only exists (for the moment) in digital version (due to money issues you know), it is obviously free and I don’t really have the intention of making it a business neither since my main goal is to share my passion.


The issue No. 1 is only available in a digital version for the moment. It includes interviews of Fhlurs, LuxuClass, BNS Photography and more. You can have access to the PDF version by subscribing to the mail list for The Late Night Digest by sending me a quick message through instagram @julieguettaf or by mail at (and you will also receive the next issues everytime they come out).



The second issue of the LATE NIGHT DIGEST is out. New issue, new name, new designs… a lot of changes! This issue includes the interviews of the talented Piper Badaracco, the beautiful Nuria Ma and the amazing Youjin along with some editorials made by you know who. I am beyond happy to be able to share with you these interviews.For this magazine, I wanted to show the work of one of my favorite photographers, BNS PHOTOGRAPHY which I interviewed in the first issue. She sent me an amazing photography serie that really shows how talented she is. So honored to have her in this issue! Finally, a new category appears in this new issue… we will now talk fashion in the LATE NIGHT DIGEST.