what to do when you are sick

Lately i have been feeling really sick and it made me think about a lot of things such as what kind of posts i should make for the blog and what would happen if you put a werewolf on the moon but that’s not the subject anyways, today i am back with a small post about what to do when you are sick.

The most basic thing is obviously watching a movie or a serie, nothing new i know but still wanted to put it the post.

Reading a book. It has been almost a year since i haven’t open a book so this is more a self note than an actual idea for your i-am-sick days. Like i always find a excuse to not read a book so maybe this is the time to stop and actually educate myself. I mostly read self-help books because my life IS A MESS.

Journaling. I have a bullet journal and i don’t open it that often so when i am sick i like to update it and get back to journaling because it actually feels good to tick those little boxes and feel like you have your shit together.

It is maybe the time to catch up on your favorite youtube channels and blogs. Read all the posts you missed and wacth or re-watch some youtube videos. If you have a blog or youtube channel, take this i-am-sick days as an opportunity to write some posts and plan some videos for later.

Depending on your level of sickeness, you can (or not) start to take online classes. Some take you one hour a week and are really helpful. It can be about anything.

Listen to podcast. Nowadays finding podcasts have never been this simple and the choices are endless.

And finally, SLEEP. Catch up on all the hours of sleep you skipped.

That is it for today’s post, i hope that if you are sick i gave you some ideas for your day and that you’ll get better.


INSPIRATION – march 2019






HOW TO: Start The Year The Right Way

Now that we are officially in 2019, it’s time for me to get my shit together and start the year the right way. I am not really the ‘new year new me’ type of person because i feel like everyday is a new start and a new opportunity but i feel more empowered when we enter a new year. It feels like i can write a whole new chapter instead of just writing a new page. Here is what i do (try to) to start a new year the right way and feel refreshed. These tips are based on my experience (lol) and lifestyle blogs i read from time to time. I also do it when i feel like i need a renew throughout the year.


Empty your phone. Store your old pictures on your computer, your external storage, your drive, icloud or whatever you are using. It will free your phone storage so you can fill it with all the new memories you are about to make this year. Do the same with your computer, delete all the old school research, useless downloads, etc.

Make a money plan. If you want to save money you need a plan, mostly if you are like me and tend to spend money until there is no more money, nada. So you need to fix a monthly budget and stick to it. Don’t forget to right down your plan. Or use, like me, the app Money Manager. You can have an overview of your income (and the source) as well as your expenses (and where the money goes) so at the end of the month you know where most of your expenses go (food for me aha not even surprised at this point). Plus, this app gives you a daily reminder to enter your expenses/income of the day. A must!


Visualize your goals. Know where you want to go, or visualize a part of the road to get there. But don’t forget, there isn’t an only road to your goals, you can always take detours or change your road and direction. I good way to help you visualize your goals is to write them down. Then, think about a strategy.

Don’t stress too much about resolutions and stuffs. You don’t necessarily need resolutions. I just need something to put my ideas and aspirations straight and resolutions is just a way to put a word on it. This is basically like you are still in 2018, nothing changed except the 8 so it’s never too late to make things great (wow i have too much flow).

Do a huge cleaning. As i read in an amazing book: ‘A Monk’s Guide To a Clean House and Mind’, cleaning your house actually cleans your soul and your heart. If you live in a dusty house, your heart will be somehow cluttered and your mind gloomy. I never heard anything more true personally. So, clean your house, like you cleaned your phone and computer. You’ll feel so much lighter and good.

Take care of yourself. I don’t know what is your pamper time like but find your routine or what works for you the best and just do it. Pamper yourself, have some ‘me time’. Everyday.

And finally, motive and boost yourself. Surround yourself with good people who love you and that you love. Find inspiration, in people and also within yourself. You can be your own source of motivation too. For example, create your own manifesto. I created mine and it is now taped to my mirror and i read it everytime i brush my teeth. It is a great way to remind yourself who you want to be, what you want to do and where you want to go.

And that’s it. I hope it helped you and that 2019 will be better than 2018 and that you’ll get to do what you want in your life! Don’t forget to comment, i really want to know your way(s) to start the year off right…, love.

How do YOU start the year the right way?



Have fun

Sleep More

Love Yourself

Offline > Online

Be more outgoing

Create without limits

Be more self conscious

Cleaning (Mind, House, Heart)

Discover new people, new places, new musics…

This post is inspired by Love Aesthetic’s 2018 MANIFESTO. I really loved the concept and thought i could share my version with you, my 2019 manifesto and inspire you to do the same! But what is a manifesto?

manifesto /manɪˈfɛstəʊ/ noun: a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.


So as said in Love Aesthetic’s post, create your manifesto, tape it to your mirror so you read/see it every day and be more likely to follow it. Hope it’ll help you to acheive whatever you want this year…, love.

What is on your 2019 manifesto?

my 2019 goals and resolutions

happy new year !! bonne année !! frohes neues jahr !! Feliz año !! 新年快乐 !! 해피 뉴 이어 !! 明けましておめでとう !!

I wish you a happy new year filled with love, happiness, health and dreams. So yes, we are already in 2019. For me 2019 is a year of radical changes in a lot of aspects of my life: first of all, i’ll become an adult (in 3 month and three weeks), i’ll graduate (lmao i hope so pray for me), i’ll move alone in my own apartment so i’ll be a 100% independent (and i kinda feel apprehensive about it) and finally i’ll go to uni !! Yup… a lot of changes. I thought that getting my shit together at the very start of the year would be a good idea so i wrote down all of my goals and resolutions to have an overview of where i want to go so i can start to establish a strategy to get there.


Study well at school until the end so i graduate and i’ll be finally done with highschool (and have a good appreciation as well because you know,,, i need it).


Find a part time job and start to save for my apartment. Since i want to stay in Paris i’ll probably have to work during the summer vacation as well so i have enough money to move out and still be economically stable.

Find an apartment (aha), i already have a location idea and i know it will be a studio because i clearly can’t afford something bigger in Paris as a student. I also want it to be a place where i can work on my art, make videos and have an animal so it has to be big enough for that.


Find a good university that complete my professional goals. I actually want to go on a gap year but i want to stay in the ‘school’ spirit so i decided to give a try to uni and if i can’t keep up i’ll just continue my gap year and stop classes and go to an art school the year after.

Travel to Korea and Australia. These two countries are on my bucket list for a few years now and i am hoping on visiting them soon.



Saying bye to self doubt, self hate and my lack of confidence (non existence actually) because i don’t have time for that, i mean, who does have time for that? Yup, that’s right, no one.

Being more open to new creative process and not rejecting certain types of art.

Being more aware of what i put in my body and aiming for a better lifestyle.

Giving more time to my passions (like i want to go back to making music, photography and my bloooog).

Spending more time with my loved ones.

And finally, to say when i don’t feel good so i don’t stay alone in my despair. Oh and not being too negative and dramatic.


SO THAT’S PRETTY MUCH IT. Thank you for reading and i can’t wait to see in the comments what are your goals and resolutions for this year! I am really happy to start a new year on The Golden Crush with you and i hope you are ready for a re-new and more regular content…, love.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2019?


2018 Round Up: memories, favorites and more.


2018 touche déjà à sa fin et je n’en reviens pas à qu’elle rapidité cette année est passée. On est allés de janvier à -zoom zoom- septembre -zoom zoom- décembre ou c’est que moi?

Cette année fut remplie de hauts et de bas, beaucoup de bas, en tout cas plus que les précédentes années et je me suis plusieurs fois trouvée un peu perdue. J’ai d’ailleurs arrêté de poster sur le blog à plusieurs reprises pour cette raison. Chaque année je fais une sorte de rétrospective de l’année qui s’est écoulée pour faire un bilan et voir ce que j’ai accompli/surmonté pour ensuite mieux commencer la nouvelle année avec de nouveaux objectifs en tête et en laissant le négatif en 2018.


Mon second voyage à Francfort. J’adore cette ville et la visiter avec ma classe était une expérience assez fun et je n’ai qu’une envie, c’est d’y retourner pour un mois voir plus pour expérimenter la vie là-bas et m’améliorer en allemand -aha-.


Le concert de BTS à l’occasion de leur Love Yourself World Tour. J’avais attendu ce moment avec tellement d’impatience et la réalité a dépassé mes espérances. C’est tellement incroyable de voir des artistes en 4D, genre vivants, devant toi, avec des milliers de personnes qui t’entourent et qui sont venues pour la même raison que toi et wOw. A la fin du concert j’ai eu l’impression que ces deux heures et demi on été aspirées dans un vortex temporel tant que c’était Jfskghbqliosjkkkqdh.


Mon premier voyage solo à Londres. C’est la première fois que je partais seule à l’étranger, 100% autonome et j’ai décidé d’aller à Londres pour cette occasion car ça faisait quelques années que je n’y étais pas allée et de plus, Wendy, une copine qui habite à Shanghai, passait quelques jours là-bas. On s’est donc arrangées pour partir en même temps pour pouvoir se retrouver après 3 ans sans se voir! J’en ai également profité pour voir @sonlenouveaunnoir et c’était vraiment cool j’espère retourner la voir bientôt. C’était un super voyage -que j’appréhendais énormément, imagine je rate le train ou un truc comme ça-, qui ma fait pas mal évoluer et qui m’a permis de redécouvrir Londres et de voir/revoir mes amies. J’ai hâte d’y retourner!!



J’ai entamé ma dernière année de lycée -omg-, le lycée est…passé…tellement…vite?? Je me vois encore à la rentrée de seconde, j’ai l’impression que c’était hier. Bref qui dit dernière année dit BAC -OMG bis- et dit université et tout le blabla.

J’ai passé mes épreuves anticipées du bac (et je les ai pas trop mal réussies).

Mes vacances d’été avec mes amies.

J’ai revu de la famille que je n’ai pas vu depuis 8 ans.

J’ai publié deux éditions de mon journal, THE LATE NIGHT DIGEST. Je suis plus que fière de ce projet et le voir prendre forme peu à peu n’est que source de joie et j’espère vraiment aller plus loin avec ce magazine. J’ai d’ailleurs pleins d’idées pour l’année 2019 dont je vous parlerai dans un article spécial ‘Goals’. Ce projet m’a permis d’entrer en contact avec des personnes que j’admirais et appréciais et m’a également permis de tisser de nouveaux liens, notamment avec Emma (@em.bns) ou Ella pour les intimes, Piper (@pip.pip) ainsi que Charlotte (@giveitachanceblog) !!

J’ai eu des poissons, après quelques années sans pet fish ma wifey m’en a offert pour mon anniversaire. J’adore les poissons, les aquariums… je trouve qu’ils ont quelque chose d’apaisant, je pourrai les regarder nager pendant des heures. J’ai également agrandi ma famille avec deux petits cochons d’inde! -tobi & poutchi, expect some content about them ehe-.

pet fish
aquarium goals


Durant 2018 il y a certaines choses qui on retenu mon attention et qui m’ont accompagné durant l’année comme:

L’application Daylio dont je vous ai parlé dans cet article. Cette application permet de traquer vos humeurs au quotidien ainsi que vos activités et vous donne une vue d’ensemble sur vos humeurs au cours d’une semaine, d’un mois, d’un années, etc. Cela ma permis de constater quels jours je me sentais la plus déprimée/heureuse et quelles activités je faisais le plus. Un peu comme un bullet journal.

Les playlists de Lo-fi Hip Hop, un indispensable quand je travaille ou fait mes devoirs.

Tous les featurings et singles de Dua Lipa. J’adore sa voix et son univers musical. L’album ‘Queen’ de Nicki Minaj parce que voilà tout est dans le titre. L’album d’Ariana Grande ‘Sweetener’, un de mes préférés à ce jour ainsi que l’album de BTS et celui de Blackpink.


La chaine youtube ‘Jusuf’ qui m’a motivé lorsque j’en avais besoin ainsi que celle de jumelles Q2Han qui ma donné envie de voyager et qui ma également motivé dans l’avancée de mes projets.

inspo girls

Et voilà, cet article touche à sa fin tout comme cette année. Merci beaucoup à toutes les personnes qui continuent à lire mon blog malgré ma non régularité et mon manque de contenu et j’espère qu’on continuera a discuter l’année qui arrive et j’ai hâte de vous partager du nouveau contenu! A l’année prochaine eHe.




Quick Update: working on the issue No.2 of the magazine, life, new favorite coffee shop and more

hello my friends i am back today after a couple of weeks and because i have an important thing to tell you: THE ISSUE No. 2 OF THE MAGAZINE WILL BE OUT SOON!! I have been working on the second issue of the magazine for about a month now. I never thought I would be doing a second issue actually but I just love the process of creating the magazine (even if it is soooooo long and sometimes really annoying), it just feels so good to create something about subjects that you are passionate about and then being able to share it. I finally found a name for the magazine, it is now the LATE NIGHT DIGEST, i am quite proud of the name actually. This issue is to me better than the first one, the designs are prettier, the interviews more complete and there are a lot of new (very cool) stuffs. I really can’t wait for you to read it and here your opinion about it. tumblr_n9i46bFNRJ1qgdc0oo1_500 Lately my life is getting more and more messy and i am so over it at times (i am struggling very hard to be honest) but it’s okay, things gets better. tumblr_noyx0tFCS71rj35g3o1_1280 A friend of mine took me to a café called the AntiCafé in Paris and I just love this place, the concept an all. Basically it is a café where you pay for the time you stay in (it is 5€ the hour, 10€ the two hours and then it changes a little bit but you get the idea) and during this time you have a free access to a (good) wifi connexion, unlimited drinks and food (provided by the café) and the place itself is just so pretty and comfortable like everything is perfect for staying focused when you work i love it. Since it is close to my highschool i planned to go there after my classes to work and calm down. Okay my friends thank you for reading what I had to say and I’ll see you (very) soon with a new magazine issue ehe. THE END. 줄리   Follow my blog with Bloglovin