I am Julie Nguyen, a digital content creator. I’ve been writing my thoughts & inspirations since 2014. I switched blogs multiple times but I finally settled down on The Golden Crush. My blog brought me so much, I discovered new people, made new friends, learned so many things on different topics. And I grew a lot during these seven years. I am not the same person I used to be in 2014.

I also created my digital magazine in July 2018, the Late Night Digest. A new creative outlet for me and an extension of my blog.

I do a lot of interviews of artists, bloggers, models and other inspiring individuals. I have been focusing on interviewing women as I want to make sure their words have the primary spot on The Golden Crush.

I am passionate about creating aesthetically pleasing content as well as articles that after reading, you feel like you learnt or discovered something new. I also want to say that my aesthetic is plural and that it can change pretty quickly! I can’t wait to share my journey and interact with you beautiful people uWu.

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