The second issue of the LATE NIGHT DIGEST is now out!

New issue, new name, new designs… a lot of changes!

This issue includes the interviews of the talented Piper Badaracco, the beautiful Nuria Ma and the amazing Youjin along with some editorials made by you know who. I am beyond happy to be able to share with you these interviews.

For this magazine, I wanted to show the work of one of my favorite photographers, BNS PHOTOGRAPHY which I interviewed in the first issue. She sent me an amazing photography serie that really shows how talented she is. So honored to have her in this issue!

Finally, a new category appears in this new issue… we will now talk fashion in the LATE NIGHT DIGEST.


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Get To Know: Piper Badaracco

안녕 – If there is a category I cherish on this blog it’s definitly the one dedicated to my Interviews, I love to be in touch with such amazing women and to share a bit of their world here on The Golden Crush with you. During summer I had all the time I needed to work on my projects and to do some interviews and plan some posts that will give some life to the blog throughout the year! Anyways, I’m back today with a special interview because I did it with a model (first time on the blog, yeeeaah!!). Pour la version francaise de cet article c’est pour bientôt.

Piper Badaracco (@pip.pip) is a 18 years old model with a irresistible baby doll face, born and raised in Oregon (state in the North-West, USA). She did some major campaigns in Korea (and USA) and also walked at the Seoul Fashion Week (Push Button and Jarret). Here’s my interview with Piper!

Julie (aka me if you still don’t know)You started modeling at 15, has it always be your dream?

Piper– Oh totally!! I was an awkward kid growing up and America’s Next Top Model was one of my outlets. To this day I still remember tips Tyra gave to the girls on the show.

J- What are you currently studying?

P– At the moment, nothing. I graduated early (at my school there’s an early grad program) to pursue modeling full time. Eventually I wanna go to college for Physics/Astrophysics with something in archaeology too.


J- You have amazing origins, like your are Russian, Polish, French, American, Italian… Do you speak any of those languages?

P– Oh god I wish! Together I have 13 nationalities. I took French for 2 years, I can’t really speak it anymore but I can still understand it. The only Russian I know is from what my russian « wife » Tehhi taught me.


J- You worked in Korea, what is the best thing in Korea you don’t have in USA?

P– Lots: Kpop, PC Bangs, cheaper shoes, Karaoke… I mean the USA has these things, but they are just part of the culture in Korea. PCBangs and Karaoke are EVERYWHERE. Coffee is everywhere, even more than Portland.


J- What is your favorite Kpop group?

P– You really asking the hard questions. Here are my top few: Apink, Pentagon, IKON, Hyuna, Jimin Park, Red Velvet, BTS, Stray Kids, NCTDream, EXID, and Hyukoh. I’m also excited for NinePercent to debut. I definitely listen to girl groups more than boy groups. When I listen to new music I get REALLY into it. I told myself I wasn’t going to get into BTS, but here I am 3 months after Korea. Totally in love with them.

J- What is your current playlist?

P– Currently it’s just filled with BTS‘s new album, Bastille, Jimin Park, Paramore, and Rex Orange County. Music depends on my mood, but I always like to keep it upbeat. I’m currently listening to « Look Alike » by Jimin Park and D.ear while typing this.

J- How do you manage your modeling career and school? Any tips?

P– To be totally honest, it was hard for me to manage both. I started doing half online school and half physical school to take more jobs. Then did a early grad program to get my full diploma and get out. I’d say focus on how far you really wanna get into it. If you wanna make it a career, do online school, or go for an accelerated/early grad program! If it’s just something fun for you to do, then don’t worry about it; just remember modeling IS a job. Just a tip in general: separate yourself from your work and real life. It’s what keeps me sane in this industry. Remember you are no better than anyone else, so don’t act like you deserve work. Don’t get worked up over things either. Continue to push yourself in what YOU can do. REMEMBER TO EAT. I’M SERIOUS. Learn good portion sizes and well rounded/filling meals. Basically, get your high school diploma okay kids.


J- Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

P– I don’t think I have specific inspirations? Tyra Banks for sure, Tom Holland, BTS, the people I surround myself with… it’s like an array of things. Myself included. I don’t know, just seeing humans that are kind and have worked hard to get where they are. Not saying I’m on some crazy level, but I like seeing how much work people put into what they love. My mom as well. She’s traveled everywhere, from Europe to America. She works insanely hard, started her business from nothing. I want to travel as much as her.

J- Latest fashion obsession?

P– I’ve been wearing a lot of bandannas recently… especially with my hair type it makes it fluffier/covers bad hair days. Chunky sneakers too, I love being comfy.


J- Who/What keeps you motivated?

P– Everything I mentioned before. My best friend Mara helps me out a lot, I can call her anytime. She’s my anchor when my head is in the clouds. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, or my anxiety spikes, I just remember how far I’ve come since being 15. It keeps me going. To know everything people told me I couldn’t do, I’m now doing.

J- What is your favorite place in the world?

P– Italy or Korea. Korea was ridiculously fun, I want to go back there just to explore more. Italy was amazing and I just love the atmosphere. I was only 14 when I went for an 8th grade, so going back to Italy would be amazing. I could explore on my own. As you can probably tell, it’s hard for me to narrow down to one thing.

J- What is your go-to outfit?

P– Simple: an over-sized graphic tee (tie it up), some kind of cool looking jeans, and chunky sneakers… don’t forget the bandanna.


J- Is there any artist you appreciate? Why?

P– I love Bastille. Their mix tapes are insane. How Dan mashes his vocals with 80s/90s classics. I particularly love their music videos, because they always have whole stories to them. I love it when musical artists do that. On top of that, they are amazing at having oddly deep lyrics with a super upbeat sound. Vice versa, they have songs with super happy lyrics but with, for lack of better words, depressing instrumentals.

J- What are your passions, other than modeling?

P– Science, music, gaming, and travel. I adore astronomy/physics. Space FASCINATES me. If I could go to Mars, I would already be there. Music is a good outlet for me. I played the baritone in high school. It helps to tune out the the white noise in my head from my adhd/anxiety. Which is why I’m fine listening/discovering music in other languages so easily, music just puts my mind to rest. Additionally, if I told you how many online friends I have you’d be astonished. I have two groups: my gull squad boys and my Pennsylvania boys. I game with all of them constantly. I love watching Overwatch League, following players, indie games… but I digress. Lastly Travel. I’m pretty sure it runs in the family. My mom has lived all throughout Europe, and in 13 states. One of the reasons I love modeling, I can travel really anywhere I want for work.


J- You made some campaigns in Korea (to site a few, banilaco a beauty and skincare brand; Sewing Boundaries a streetwear brand; bornchamps another streetwear brand), how does it feels to see yourself in the stores, or in the street?

P– It was ABSOLUTELY surreal. One of my favorite moments from Korea was when I asked my Korean manager to take me to Gangnam after a job. It’s where « my » billboard is for BornChamps, I remember taking photos in front of it, then across the street was BanilaCo. Where I’m in their stores. Down the street was my New Balance campaign. It was so surreal I started crying hahah. Just going from a band kid, who no one really payed attention to, to then having work booked out for weeks was something I couldn’t even have dreamed of. Even for just that moment, I didn’t feel so small. 나는 너를 사랑해!!!! (translation from korean to english: i love you!!)


J- What are your goals for the next years?

P– If I’m not there by the end of this year, Tokyo. Then New York. It’s a pretty short answer, but I also wanna go everywhere possible. Tokyo is the goal right now. I wanna go more markets. Year of the Pip, watch out.

J- The worst pun you ever made?

P– Shit, I’ve made a lot. My most recent one>> Do you know who the most powerful father is… The God father.

Anything that is so bad it’s just bad makes me laugh my ass off. I do a lot of puns that are off of what people say so it’s hard to say.

J- Where do you dream to travel to?

P– Tokyo, France, or Australia!! Love all of those places. Tokyo because I really want to work there. France because I love it in general and just wanna go there. Australia because I have an amazing friend who lives there who I met while in Korea; I miss her so much!


J- Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

P– Honestly everything I did in Korea. It was my first trip, and I was not expecting what happened. I’m so thankful for all the opportunities that came my way! I hope to push myself further in future.

Thank you so much to Piper for anwsering to all my questions, it was really nice knowing a bit more of her, she seem to fun and bubbly! I hope you enjoyed this interview of this upcoming supermodel (not kidding, she’ll be stealing names very soon) and tell me if you want more content about Pip!


photos from @pip.pip (instagram)

Girl Crush: Piper Badaracco

hello – comme vous le savez, je suis toujours à la recherche de nouvelles personnes inspirantes que ce soit sur instagram, tumblr, youtube… et quand je suis tombée sur Piper (aka @pip.pip) je suis tombée tout de suite amoureuse. Elle a un visage de baby doll, des cheveux et des yeux magnifiques, bref! Girl Crush immédiat. Et il s’avère qu’elle est mannequin et j’ai juste hâte de la voir défiler sur les plus grands podiums (un jour).

En attendant, c’est une fille comme nous, de 18 ans, qui a des passions, des buts, etc, et je ne savais pas comment le dire mais je vais l’interviewer!!! Alors attendez-vous à voir prochainement son interview sur le blog. J’ai vraiment hâte de lui poser mes questions!


my edit of her, kinda proud of it aha




voici un article que j’ai envie de poster depuis beaucoup trop longtemps mais que j’ai du garder ‘secret’ car le projet n’étais pas totalement fini… alors voilà, J’AI CRÉÉ MON MAGAZINE!


Donc pour celles et ceux qui sont nouveaux sur le blog ou si vous n’avez pas encore pris votre café, il y a quelque temps j’ai commencé une série d’interviews sur le blog (que vous pouvez toutes retrouver ici!) et à la suite de cette initiative il m’est venu à l’esprit de regrouper toutes ces interviews en une version papier. Sauf que bien évidement je me suis emballée et je ne voulais pas seulement faire un condensé d’interviews mais un magazine complet, qui en quelque sorte et une extension de mon site/blog.




Je n’ai pas encore trouvé de nom pour le magazine alors si vous avez des idées, n’hésitez pas à les mettre en commentaires!! Ce numéro s’appelle donc ‘Jeunesse’ car il met en avant de jeunes personnes talentueuses dont beaucoup sont présentes sur la blogosphère. De plus, ce ne sont que des femmes/filles (si vous aimez jouer sur les mots)!!




Pour celles et ceux qui lisent encore cet article et qui sont vraiment intéressés par ce magazine et qui souhaitent le lire dites le moi en commentaire et je me ferai un plaisir de vous envoyer par mail la version numérique :))


THE END. Je vous avoue que j’étais totalement hystérique quand j’ai eu le premier exemplaire dans les mains aha, c’est juste fou. Je n’aurai jamais imaginé passer ce cap et accomplir ce but cette année. Encore un grand merci à toutes les personnes qui sont dans ce journal!! 🙂 -ps: cela ne veux pas dire que j’arrête de faire des interviews sur le blog!-

me right now.

Quick Update: Life, projects, café and stuffs

hello // si je suis très peu active en ce moment sur le blog c’est parce que je passe mon bac à la fin de l’année (dans 2 semaines enfait) mais également car je suis occupée à fond sur un projet dont vous aurez très vite plus de détails… Je crée ma propre MARQUE !!! C’est juste fou.

Il ne s’agit pas d’une marque de vêtements, c’est en réalité plus une compagnie si je puis dire avec laquelle je réaliserai un de mes plus grand rêve: ouvrir un café à Paris. Je suis donc en ce moment en train de définir le logo de la marque, son statut (p/m entreprise, start-up, auto-entrepreneur…) et en parallèle, je développe le projet pour mon café.

Pour ca, je suis en train de faire une étude du marché, je défini aussi l’emplacement, la décoration, le menu, etc, et je commence à mettre en page mon ‘business plan’ (un document qui présente le projet, ses enjeux, ses points forts et avantages…) qui pourra me permettre de convaincre la banque pour m’accorder un prêt (que j’estime pour l’instant à au moins 100 000€… oui ca pique). Mais pour faire tout ca comme il le faut, je me suis laissé un an ce qui veut dire que dès que j’aurai 18 ans, go à la banque convaincre le banquier de prêter plus de 100 000€ à une étudiantE qui vient à peine de commencer ses études et qui travaille en CDI à temps partiel… on peut déja imaginer la réponse (je vous aide si vous avez un doute: NON.)

sneak peak du mood board du café 🙈

En plus j’ai découvert une centaine de lois qui concerne l’ouverture d’un café, je sais que je mourrais moins bête.

Maaaiiis j’ai quand même beaucoup d’espoir, d’optimisme et de détermination pour ce projet et je ferai tout pour le mettre en œuvre.

Bref, j’ai recemment acheté une tablette graphique (une Wacom, que Tram Anh avait recommandé sur son blog) dans l’optique de créer le logo de la marque, du café (à theme, j’ai oublié de preciser) ainsi que dans la réalisation des plans, etc et je suis tombée amoureuse de cet objet, littéralement. Je me suis très vite habituée à sa prise en main et j’ai pu expérimenter d’autres manières de faire du dessin et j’adore!! (attendez vous à voir plus de montages et illustrations sur le blog 😏).

oui oui c’est bien moi qui ai fait ca je ne savais pas que j’en étais capable

En plus de cela, (si vous lisez toujours cet article, cœur sur vous), je suis en train de monter un autre projet (encore je sais, ca fait beaucoup se projets) avec les interviews que j’ai réalisées (hello diane, charlotte, emma) pour les condenser en un seul et unique endroit… je ne vous en dit pas plus parce que c’est censé être une surprise (et je ferai un concours d’ailleurs!) mais c’est en rapport avec l’un des plus gros goals de Diane!

Sinon la routine hein

Et vous?

THE END. Kiss on ur cheeks x