Happy New Year and all the rest! (lol).

I usually don’t celebrate the New Years Eve and i also rarely make resolutions because i suck at keeping them but this year, i don’t know why, i really feel like making a list of my projects and resolutions. I even feel like I have a chance to keep them (who is this?).

The less resolutions you make, the better it is. LESS IS MORE MY FRIENDS. (if you are like me of course and that you loose confidence and motivation easily).


  • Having a better lifestyle, like working out more and eating healthy (yeah i’m a basic bitch).
  • Get my shit together so i am more organized and don’t procrastinate. I loose my shit pretty easily and get really anxious when something not planned happens.
  • Spend less time on my phone, computer, TV, etc and enjoy life more, PLEASE. I need to stop waisting my time on these things.
  • Not spend the money i don’t have, because I don’t have money. words.


  • To travel to Japan, China, South Korea and also Australia.
  • Loose some weight to see if i feel better with or without these pounds.
  • To graduate (finally) because I’m not sure my career as a beauty guru will end up well.
  • To buy myself a blogging camera: the ixia mini x by canon. But it’s not available anymore. So let’s just cross our fingers.
  • To go from thegoldencrush.wordpress.com to thegoldencrush.com!
  • re-do my apartment entrance, finish my room and my kitchen because yes, i am an interior designer in my free time. Call me. I can make your house pretty, trust me.
  • Go back to fashion week!! Probably my biggest goal for this year.


MORE: positivity, joy, happiness, self confidence, laugh and travels.

LESS: sadness, self-doubt, problems, cries and fights (also add binge eating).

What about you?





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