J’ai décidé d’écrire cet article en anglais car j’ai l’impression de mieux m’exprimer avec cette langue et je trouve que mes articles sont plus complets écrits en anglais qu’en français! Si vous voulez que j’en fasse la traduction dites-le moi ❤

Every Monday is the same shit for a lot of people, the routine start again. Another monday means another week of work so another tuesday, another wednesday, another thursday, and finally another friday, yayyy!

Personnally, I never feel happy (ok maybe it’s exagerated but i’m just not necessarly the happiest person) on a monday morning, even though I am really greatful for having the chance to go to school, to have a house, a family, food, etc but it’s just something else. I’m just not ready to start a week AGAIN. But no biggy, I found a cure to this monday morning syndrome, listen to Doctor Juju.

Science say that making your bed in the morning before strating a day is a REAL WAY to feel better but for the moment I haven’t noticing any kind of upcoming happiness due to the fact I made my bed but anyways I’ll update you about that.


Something that works (for me) is to start the day with something I appreciate doing and that always puts me in a good mood. Food, peace and music. For some of you it might be watching a serie, a cartoon, reading, stretching or whatever! The thing is to take time for you and only you to start the day with a peaceful and positive mind.

Before that, I was procrastinating on doing things I like because I was also procrastinating on doing things I don’t like so I have tons of stuffs to do in a very small amount of time (just remember that you, Beyonce and I have the exact same 24 hours in a day) -by the way there is a truly amazing book about getting your shit together-. So I started to make to-do-lists and tried not to procrastinate (you can do it) and I realized I can easily have time for my passions and stuffs that makes me happy.
Every morning I try to have a peaceful breakfast while listening to music and it really puts me in the best mood.


Another thing I can recomend you is to do stretching or have a quick workout! It really helps to de-stress and puts you in a good mood and a good shape!

For those who also have the monday/wednesday/thursday or friday morning syndrome, just do the same thing everyday. But maybe it will start to become a routine and the syndrome will come back so make sure to alternate between differents kind of cure!
Another cure for the monday morning syndrome is to meditate and found out where this anti-monday mood comes from. Is it your job? Your school? The subway or The people? Go to the source of your problem and get rid of it.

Quiting your job isn’t necessary, maybe find that co-worker who is so annoing and tell him. Try to solve the problem. If it’s the job itself, try to find a positive side of it and focus on it. Or find a job you love and you’ll never feel like you are working again.

If it’s your school, we are two in this situtation. Personnaly, I just don’t want to see all these students and pretend to listen to the professor while I’m actually dreaming of doing what I really want to do or think about all the things I could do if I wasn’t sitting on this chair. So I try to motive myself (with Studyblr and stuff). Oh, yes, because I also have terrible grades -I don’t listen in class, I stress during tests…- and I constently feel like I should be somewhere else. So like I was saying I try to motivate myself to finish my studies and find something I like that makes me want to go to school (of course your friends, a crush maybe?).


If you don’t like taking the subway (or the bus and other transportation) they are so many alternatives like going to school by bike, skate, scooter even by feet! -and it’s good for your booty-


If it’s the people, maybe you have a social anxiety (hello) and don’t know it or you are just horrified by their habits, just go away. Find your people, with who you feel comfortable with and stay with them!! By the way, you should check out this post for your anxiety!

I hope this post helped you and, as always, you can ask me anything in the comments ❤


4 thoughts on “ How To Fight: The Monday Morning Syndrome ”

  1. Wow j’adore ton article et je suis vraiment fan de tes collages ! Personnellement le fait que l’article soit écrit en anglais ne ma absolument pas déranger c’était même plutôt le contraire, je lis pas mal de blogs anglophones et je ne sais pas pourquoi j’adore vraiment lire en anglais !

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  2. Je sais pas fait ce qu’il te plait mais si tu préfères écrire en anglais (et que ça ne te prend pas beaucoup beaucoup plus de temps) pourquoi pas ! Après il faut voir ce que tes autres lecteurs préfèrent !😊💗

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