If there is a thing that always upgrade your look, it’s for sure a print! Last summer I fell in love with tweed suits and plaid skirts and since the trend is coming back I thought I could do a post about it.

Lately, I’ve seen so many suits and I feel it looks really classy and polished on a woman. Even more with a plaid print. It really gives a ‘britain’ but not so ‘britain’ touch with a hint of ‘school girl’ vibe and it’s just so pretty! So as usual, here’s some links to shop my latest fashion obsession and some inspiration.


Dress // Top // Hat

Coat // Dress // Pants



tumblr_p99lx1yM4B1vz2c9uo1_1280tweedtweed_1tweed_2tweed_3Seoul Fashion Week SS18tweed_5tweed_6tweed_7tweedd

all the photos are from Tumblr and Weheartit ©

What do you think about these plaid/tweed prints? How would you wear it?


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