aRe wE tALkinG abOuT MakeUp? yes. just because for once I actually found good products and I wanna share them with you. BUT FIRST, let me tell you that I took me years before being comfortable with wearing fondation because all of them felt cakey and uncomfortable and my skin would just break out.

I tried bb cream and cc cream, lightweight foundation, powder ones, thick ones and today I am going to introduce you to five products that works for me perfectly and gives me a baby skin effect. By that I mean I bit dewy but a bit mate too and a healthy gloW, yesssssirr.

(also all the illustrations of this post are made by my friend @itsnothawaii)

first, my all time favorite and also the cheapest one, the revlon candid glow. this is literally the BEST light fondation ever, doesn’t matter if your skin is dry before applying the foundation, it’s hydrating and no cakey effect, no dead skin showing, perfect. The coverage is actually really good I don’t even wear a concealer with it.

the second one (btw these are not in a specific order) is the Estee Lauder double wear nude. the texture is basically water and the way it matches my skin is crazy. really light, doesn’t feel like wearing anything and has a good coverage, would wear a concealer with it tho if I am going with a more detailed makeup. I also recommend to not forget to moisturize your skin before applying because some dead skin my show up around the nose if your skin is really dry.

moonshot correct fit cushion. I only used this one when I was in Korea. the coverage is amazing and feels like a second skin (in a good way) like more glowy and healthy. what I love about it is that you can carry it around in your purse since it’s a cushion: a must. no concealer needed but maybe a few touch ups during the day if you are a busy bitch. the only downside about this foundation is that it comes in a very few shades (4 or 5 I think?).

the fourth one is the tarte amazonian clay foundation. this one is actually a full coverage foundation but the way it looks is really amazing and feels really light. I never wear concealer with this one and the way it unifies my skin is just perfect. also important to moisture you skin because this one tends to peel a bit in the dry areas of your face.

and finally the Bobbi Brown skin long wear weightless foundation. actually stole this one from my mom… this one is a bit too dark for me but the coverage is amazing and with a very soft mate finish. stays on all day. smells good and feels good on the skin too. I would recommend to use a primer for an even better finish.

that’s it folks,,, I don’t think I was built to write beauty related posts but I think I did okay right? I hope I helped you maybe choosing your next foundation or at least ave you your daily dose of lecture.


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