One of the most anticipated show at every fashion week is probably the Chanel Show which takes place everytime at the Grand Palais in Paris. However, this Autumn/Winter Collection is somehow special because it is the last collection of Karl Lagerfeld for the parisian house (since Lagerfeld past away recently).

What I loved the most about Karl Lagerfeld being the artistic director of Chanel (aside from the amazing work he did with the collections) is how he managed to create a whole atmosphere for the show and completly transformed the Grand Palais everytime. Like the ideas and the details always fascinates me, sometimes more than the collection itself.

Anyways, this year, the Grand Palais was transformed in a sky station. The floor was covered with fake snow and some little ‘Chalets’ were placed there and there and everything was just so WINTER.



I love these set (coat + pants) and the fabrics are so pretty, especially the blue one. It kinda gives this bossy/classy but modern vibe.

I also saw a lot of models wearing this kind of hat, i’m not a huge hat lover but this one is really nice and can totally upgrade any look.


all pictures from VOGUE ©


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