Lately i have been feeling really sick and it made me think about a lot of things such as what kind of posts i should make for the blog and what would happen if you put a werewolf on the moon but that’s not the subject anyways, today i am back with a small post about what to do when you are sick.

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The most basic thing is obviously watching a movie or a serie, nothing new i know but still wanted to put it the post.

Reading a book. It has been almost a year since i haven’t open a book so this is more a self note than an actual idea for your i-am-sick days. Like, i always find an excuse to not read a book so maybe this is the time to stop and actually educate myself. I mostly read self-help books because my life IS A MESS.

Journaling. I have a bullet journal and i don’t open it that often so when i am sick i like to update it and get back to journaling because it actually feels good to tick those little boxes and feel like you have your shit together.

It is maybe the time to catch up on your favorite youtube channels and blogs. Read all the posts you missed and wacth or re-watch some youtube videos. If you have a blog or youtube channel, take this i-am-sick days as an opportunity to write some posts and plan some videos for later.

Depending on your level of sickeness, you can (or not) start to take online classes. Some take you one hour a week and are really helpful. It can be about anything.

Listen to podcast. Nowadays finding podcasts have never been this simple and the choices are endless.

And finally, SLEEP. Catch up on all the hours of sleep you skipped.

That is it for today’s post, i hope that if you are sick i gave you some ideas for your day and that you’ll get better.

And don’t forget to answer to my blog survey!


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