It has been so long since the last time I posted about beauty so today let’s talk about self-care and having a ‘me’ time. I love trying new ways to relax and take care of myself, I always feel so good after that and I thought I might share with you today my self-care routine. note that I don’t always do the same thing it’s just a ritual, a me time and it always evolves with the time.


my me time starts with me playing my calm pop playlist on Spotify and sitting at my desk for a good 15min organizing it and writing in my bullet journal.


then I take a shower so I feel fresh and smell like a baby. I recently bought the ‘ritual of Dao’ collection (from rituals) and omg, these products smell so good, are so gentle for the skin, and I feel so relaxed after it.

Sans titre-31


I start by using a blackspot nose strip (from Sephora) while I put a hydrating mask (from Carita) on the rest of the face (and all of this while listening to music). when I don’t have nail polish on I just do a little manicure because I always feel good when my nails are done. since your hands are the part of your body you see the most taking care of them is a sign of having your shit together for me. read this post about why manicures matter. my go-to nail polish is a glossy black (from Kure bazaar) or a sparkly silver (from yesstyle in shade SV01).


I love when my room smell good so I always have fragrance sticks somewhere in my house. nowadays I use the ‘ritual of Dao’ fragrance sticks (from rituals) and let me tell you the smell is so soft and sweet and you just feel at home. I just discovered that they were even selling tea with this sent and I’m definitely going to buy it.



it can be anything, from coffee (but a milk coffee with lots of ice cubes, or a bubble tea from Chatime (the ‘chatime milk tea’ is my favorite), I try to make my own sometimes but it never ends up tasting as I expect. I also love a good old bottle of fresh water, stay hydrated kids.


and finally my me time ends with a youtube session. I love watching youtube videos to the point that it became a part of my daily life. the youtubers I love: KindaCool, Nuria Ma, Lilix, JoanDay, Q2han, Youjin, JermBot, Squeezie (bae), Le Rire Jaune, Cyprien, Oh No Nina, Cup of Jamsien, One Million Dance Studio and TheLineUp to site a few!

and that’s it for my self-care routine, I hope I didn’t forget anything! tell me what’s in your self-care routine I really want to know!


6 thoughts on “ my self-care routine ”

  1. Oh j’adore ! Ta self care routine ressemble pas mal à la mienne et j’aime trop comment tu as organisé l’article !
    Ps : TheLineUP baee, Julia est vraiment une girl boss, je suis tellement fan de ces montages et de son univers (et de son style bien sûr) !!

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