Okay, I see you @ at me because I just mentioned crocs® but see, I always thought these shoes were an abomination in so many ways, a gift from satan. but I did change my mind recently, why? because I am a sheep and when someone cool wears something cool I want it too, don’t judge me.

we all went through this period as a kid when your parents make you wear crocs® because it is cheap and they don’t want to spend any more money on shoes for you, because you are already expensive to feed. these shoes make my feet wet like I have no other words, five minutes wearing these and I am sweating like hell.

Plus, it makes that annoying noise (for example squick, squick). I know, these shoes also have advantages, yes: you can personalize them!! we all dreamed of it. you name it, crocs® do it.



Sans titre
photo is from @q2han’s Instagram


enough of sarcasm, I am not saying that you should buy crocs® but just that you should stop spitting on it, okay, the brand really stepped up its game, new designs, colors, more personalization options (omg, I know) and I am personally reconsidering my choice and adding crocs® to my… wishlist? Proof the American brand is getting more recognition, the collaboration they did with Balenciaga which gave birth to this pink platform shoe.


Sans titre-3
photos are from @juliaadang’s Instagram


this is a look honestly. so do you think you’ll add crocs® to your wishlist? remember that fashion is not defined and have fun, experiment, go crazy, aah, go stupid aah.




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