Since I am leaving soon, there is a bunch of stuff I need to make sure I have, like a suitcase and luggage, but also plenty of stuff I don’t need but want because they are cute, like this passport cover or this laptop sleeve.

I recently discovered Louis Vuitton’s Seoul City guide and I can’t wait to buy it because the addresses are different than the ones you can find in regular city guides, it shows you the ‘fashion’ Seoul and other ‘hidden places’. and I also because the cover is pretty. mostly because of it actually.

and yes, I added crocs® to my wishlist, why? because crocs® can be fashion too, and I love this model.

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Lately, I have been obsessed with fresh and unisex fragrances, the kind that smells like fresh laundry and the Calvin Klein One is the perfect definition of this smell.

sneakers are my guilty pleasure (when I can afford them but that’s another topic) and Jordan always makes me want to spend all my money. their shoes are so comfortable and the designs futuristics, the perfect match.

so what is on your current wishlist?


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