Polyvore used to be my favorite website back in 2014 until they decided to close it and make it SSENSE, an online selective shop.

Yes. Polyvore is gone. It’s been more than a year now that Polyvore no longer exists on the internet. Anyways, I’ve been using Polyvore for almost 5 years now and it was an app I truly appreciated because people were connected to each other about a common topic: Fashion (and of course beauty, decoration, and art).

We could discover new styles, new items, new brands through one and only platform. And we were a real community. I have discovered my style through this app and even made some friends. I know this is just an app but still, I’ve done a lot of things with it.

I also used Polyvore to create some collages for my blog because it was a really easy and useful tool with endless possibilities.

But I recently came across this Polish site called URSTYLE and it is an (almost) exact replica of Polyvore. Same site design, like and comment option, everything. It allows you to create sets and collections like you could on Polyvore but with way fewer items.

So, fellow (ex)Polyvore users, let’s give a chance to URSTYLE I’ll give you some more explanations about this app soon! come join the URSTYLE community! my user is @junytrends, see you there!


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