hi, in case you didn’t know, I moved to Seoul, South Korea more than a month ago and I haven’t really taken the time to sit and write because… well things have been pretty hectic and emotionally hard for me, but I am so happy to have the privilege to experience something like this and I really want to make the best out of it. HOW? by pursuing my dreams and goals.

Before talking about those goals let me just tell you about the important things. I came to Seoul with EF (Education First, a company that proposes linguistic trips abroad) and I choose the gap year program. It means that I have a whole academic year to spend here in Seoul learning Korean and being productive, YaSs. The school is situated in Sinsa-dong in Gangnam (a district in Seoul).

I live in an apartment in Sindorim. I am in a host family and let me tell you that the MOM is aMaZiNg I love her so much. she is so caring and lovely with me and my roommate.

Seoul is a freaking huge city like it never took me this long to get from a place to another. It takes me more than an hour to go to school and I am just over it sometimes. but luckily the transportation system here is really nice and amazingly clean. the only downside about this transportation system is that during the rush hours (more than two times in the day) it is awful.

Mentally and emotionally speaking it was fine the first few days but then the mood started to go down and down until I reached my peak where I just wanted to stop existing. but after I few medicines, a few days of class skipped and self-therapy I am feeling much better which is also why I am writing again on the blog.

Also, I started a youtube channel when I arrived here! This is kind of weird for me but I love the process of creating a video so I’ll try to make as much as I can during my stay. I currently have a serie going on called The Gap Year Diaries and I post one episode per week so you know what to do!!

One of the highlights of my stay in Korea is, for now, the Seoul Fashion Week. It felt so unreal to finally be where I’ve been dreaming to be and also to meet my longtime favorite YouTubers: Q2han. If you saw my smile at that moment, you would understand my happiness. For this season I couldn’t attend any show because I didn’t prepare myself enough for the event and didn’t send any mails but now that I know how everything works you will for sure see me in shows next season. Also, I posted two articles about the first, third and fourth day of the fashion week.

And finally, back to my goals and dreams. During these 9 months (well 8 months now) I want to achieve a few things. here is a few of my goals:

  • create content that inspires people and having feedback.
  • assist in a show at the A/W Seoul Fashion Week.
  • film three short films.
  • publish my third issue of the late night digest

That’s pretty much it, for now. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!


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