There are so many places in Seoul that are photo-worthy that I have to keep a fricking list so I am sure I will be able to see all of them. A few days ago I went to common ground which is a fashion place/market situated next to konkuk university and is famous for being the biggest shopping building in the world only made out of shipping containers.

Inside is an amazing gathering of street and high-end brands including my favorites: oioi and wkndrs.

The outside is where you have to take your picture. THIS BLUE IS EVERYTHING U HERE ME. the colors where so bright and I was feeling my outfit that day so this is why I am doing (FINALLY) a fashion post today.

I am honestly an adept of comfy fashion like I never wear something I am not fully comfortable in just for the style. To me, style and comfort perfectly go along. I don’t want to choose between these two. with this mindset, wearing my pajamas outside the house is obviously a must.

about the outfit: my bucket hat is from oioi, the t-shirt is thrifted, my pants are from cos, my vest is from another awesome and my shoes are from New York Yankees.

that is it for today’s post. tell me what you about this outfit in the comments!!


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