from me to you,

learn to appreciate yourself. treat yourself as a friend. you are the only person you can count on in bad times and you are also gonna live with yourself for your whole life. so learning to appreciate yourself and knowing your self worth is the only thing that matters.

spend time with yourself just know that you are enough.

it is also all about character development. be more concerned by your character than your looks. because first, looks aren’t a forever thing you always change and evolve, grow older. and doesn’t matter how pretty you are if in the end you still have a shitty character.

and don’t you sometimes look at people you don’t find attractive (which doesn’t mean they are ugly, just not your type of beauty) and they have such an interesting, flourishing and authentic character that the end up being pretty to your eyes?

think out of the box. don’t base yourself on the fact that society has already a set social structure. because it’s not.


see life as an opportunity. you are the one in charge. it’s your life. learn to appreciate the fact that you are alive and that you have a chance to live.

the reason i cherish life so much is that i knew people who loved it so much and dedicated themselves to make it better for the others but they didn’t have the chance to fully live it because events took a turn and took their lives before the due time. and just for them, just because, even a few people believed in life i want to honor them. and cherish it the way they did.

also, like in a movie, the environment matters in the evolution of a character. don’t be scared of change. don’t be scared of saying no or yes when it is for your own mental health. do not put yourself in places or situations to please others.

and don’t base your self worth on the way people see you. it is all about perspective. a Japanese saying mentions that every individual has three faces: the one people see, the one only close ones and family see, and the one you see yourself.

don’t be greedy. be grateful. there is always someone who will kill to have at least 0.1% of what you have.

everything takes time. each person has its own pace. you are not slower nor faster than anyone.

find the good people.

and learn about the law of attraction.

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