Get To Know: Natacha Birds

Back in the days, my blog was My Littlest Blog, and I used to do interviews like I do nowadays. I recently remembered that I did a quick interview about Natacha Birds (who was one of my favorite blogger at the time with Madison Ramaget). I thought I could update the interview and post it here! So get to know Natacha Birds.

Julie (me)- Can you quickly introduce yourself?

Natacha- I am Natacha, a blogger and illustrator.

J- What are your closet essentials?

N- That’s a hard question… I’ll say a pair of jeans, white sneakers and a stripped top.

J- What did you study?

N- I did a BTS in applied arts at Auguste Renoir and then a licence in web-design.

J- Who inspires you?

N- I don’t think I have something or someone in particular who inspires me.

J- What is like to be part or the Unicon team? (Unicon is a youtube channel gathering multiple influential youtubers in different countries and creating videos about different topics with always the goal to entertain and bring happiness)

N- Awesome! We are always having fun on set, the girls are so sweet and we get got along easily, no regrets!

Sans titre-3

J- What is your go-to drink for summer?

N- Oh, my go-to drink? (ask her boyfriend, Dhinesh also known as @noar.noar, who was sitting next to her during the interview). Hm, Coca-Cola to be original!

J- If you weren’t a blogger, what would you do?

N- I think I would still work in the illustration or maybe something with children or animals.

J- Where do you dream to travel to?

N- Japan!

J- A word you say way too much?


J- What are your plans for the upcoming years?

N- That’s a tough question! Maybe buy a house close to the sea, because I currently live in an apartment. I would also like to travel in the upcoming years.

J- Is there anything you would like to say to your followers?


Note that this interview was made in may 2016 during Natacha Birds’ meet-up held at C&A Haussmann.

Thank you to Natacha giving me her precious time. Don’t forget to check her work on her instagram, blog and youtube channel.


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