Get To Know: Madison Ramaget

The time I interviewed Madison was back in 2016. I remember preparing the night before going to her event (where she was selling a bunch of her clothes, makeup and accessories) ten questions. I search on so many sites questions I could ask her and when I arrived to the event, I was so stressed that I couldn’t read the questions and just ended up making them on the spot. Her interview was actually the very first interview I ever did in my life (and with my favorite, blogger and YouTuber, damn I was blessed). So get to know Madison Ramaget.

Madison Ramaget is girl behind the blog 101ThingsGirlsLike and the YouTube channel with the same name. She started by posting nail art posts on her blog and gradually evolved in a fashion and beauty influencer.

Julie (me)- What did you study?

Madison- I am still in university actually. I study LSCE (which is basically an English licence). Back in high school, I studied sciences because I was aiming on going to a medial school. I did in fact went there for a year but I didn’t liked it so I switched for English studies. I am now in the third year of my licence.

J- Who/What inspires you?

M- A lot of bloggers, like Kristina Bazan. In terms of celebrity, Selena Gomez. She inspires me so much. For the rest I’ll say pretty much everything you can find on Instagram, Tumblr…

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J- What is your workout routine?

M- I actually don’t workout. But I swim every week at my local swimming pool. I guess you can call that working out.

J- What are your skincare essentials?

M- The micellar water from Bioderma to get rid of my makeup, my all time favorite and must-have. A day cream, also a must-have. Except that I don’t really use much products but I try to take care of my skin as much as possible.

J- What are your favorite spots to shoot your Lookbooks in Paris and Angers?

M- I actually don’t have a spot in particular, but when I am looking for a place to shoot, I like it to be bright, with depth so we can have a pretty blur background of the photos. I can take photos anywhere as long as the background is bright so that the outfit stands out.

J- What is the definition of a perfect day for you?

M- My perfect day would start with a good breakfast, with pancakes, fruits and a good orange juice. Then I like to work in the morning and answer to mails and run my errands. After that, a good meal! For the afternoon, I don’t know, maybe chill and enjoy my day. And finally, a good shower!

J- Do you have a random tip to share right now?

M- Oh, hm… I’m sorry I can’t think of anything right now!

J- Where do you dream to travel to?

M- Currently, I would love to travel to Japan, South Korea and Singapore. These are truly my dream destinations.

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J- What is your favorite smoothie?

M- I love red fruits smoothies, like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. I LOVE!

J- Do you have anything to say to your followers?

M- That I love them! Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today, that’s obvious. And always do what you love, never give up, always follow your dreams and enjoy yourself!

Note that this interview was made in may 2016 during Madison Ramaget’s meet up/event. Some informations may not be up to date.

Thank you to Madison for letting me interview her. Don’t forget to check her blog and youtube channel.



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