Sorry for the long absence even if you didn’t missed me, hey, I’m back oh and that’s it. I graduated (well not ‘officially’ since I haven’t got the results back yet but yes), this is end of a chapter for me. I spent three years in high school and this is now over. some of my classmates will go the university some will go on a gap year, and that’s what I’m also doing, I will leave France and go to Korea to study for a whole year, yes, A WHOLE YEAR. I made this decision in a rush and really didn’t think it through but now it’s happening so…

I am excited but scared at the same time. Anyways I’ll dedicate another post about my gap year in another post very soon. today I want to share with you my summer bucket list, since this is the last summer I spend with my friends and family before leaving them for a whole year so I gotta enjoy my time with them as much as I can.



  • make a bucket list
  • cook with friends and make some kimchi, try to make a sprite watermelon, and some fun drinks (galaxy tea, I’m so obsessed with it)
  • find a job because a bitch can’t be broke for her whole life and you have to be your own sugar daddy sometimes.
  • learn Korean because I don’t want to be too lost when I arrive in Seoul.
  • re-make my bathroom, toilets and entrance.
  • help my friend paint her room.
  • start a youtube channel (lol) I actually have some cool ideas but I don’t want to be just a brick in the youtube wall so I’m going to develop my ideas.
  • have a huge sleepover with my friendddzzz.
  • work out and loose some weight.
  • read all the books I should have read three years ago.
  • deep clean my room because o boi it’s messy.
  • schedule some posts.
  • start the third issue of the Late Night Digest.
  • binge watch as much series and movies as I can.
  • paint one of my white tee shirts but in a cool way.
  • sell all of my old clothes
  • start to pack for Korea omg.
  • get my driver’s license.
  • learn how to skate board (please pray for me).
  • and just enjoy life 🙂

and that’s all for my summer bucket list, it’s not all fun things and looks probably like all the summer bucket lists on earth but I’ll update it for sure. tell me what is on your summer bucket list in the comment section below so I can steal your ideas! okay bye!


6 thoughts on “ my (not so interesting) summer bucket list – 2019 ”

  1. Waouh 1 an en Corée ! C’est génial, je suis sûre que tu vas vivre des moments incroyables ! Les instants pré-départs sont les plus stressants, mais quand tu seras dans le bain tu verras que tu vas juste profiter 🙂
    Et d’ailleurs ça m’a rappelé de me faire moi aussi une bucket list de l’été !
    Des bisous

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