I am back today with a guide to minimal fashion! my style really changed throughout the years (thanks god), I went from extra colorful, to cute and girly and now street style/minimal and I want to talk about the minimal part today. The logo mania became a trend in 2016, exposing a brand name/logo became more important than the outfit itself. as long as ‘CHAMPION’ or ‘FILA’ were written, that was a look. Since that phase, I gradually got sick of all logos, prints and started to get interested in minimal fashion. Also because the logo mania was a synonym of fast fashion which has a big part in the environmental issues we face today.

Sans titre According to NoSideBar, a famous blog about minimalism, having a minimal approach to fashion means that:

‘you approach your closet with intentionality, not aiming for the largest (or smallest) number of things. Rather, your aim is a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle, and is filled with high-quality pieces you absolutely love that will, hopefully, last years.’

this is what I am aiming for. Even if sometimes I just want to go to urban outfitters and spend all my money on cute but way too pricey stuffs, I still want to invest in good and pieces that last years. fullsizeoutput_f


The first step for me in having a minimal approach to fashion was to do a massive spring cleaning in my closet, following the KonMari method (hi mom) to get rid of all the clothes that I don’t wear and give them to charity. This first step was a massive change for me since I was accumulating clothes for 5 years.


The second step was to find what clothes suits me the best in terms of shapes, colors and materials. I am 1,75m tall and I won’t say I have a slim figure but my body has a pretty regular body shape, my shoulder are bigger than my hips and my thighs are… very present. So my go-to pants became black straight pants. I still haven’t found the types of jeans that really fits me but I’m getting close.

And for the rest I just go with comfortable clothes I’m sure I’ll wear like hoodies (HOODIES ARE LIFE OMG), way too oversized shirts, and baggy sweatpants. I used to hate black clothes but now it is my go-to color like I don’t have any outfit without black.



The third and last step is being conscious when shopping. Find sustainable brands, or go to the eco-friendly collection of your favorite store (nowadays more and more brands have an eco-friendly collection in their stores). Think about what you are buying: are you buying it just because it is supposedly ‘trendy’? do you actually like it? Is the quality good?


Remember that buying something low quality equals buying it twice: the first time when you buy it, and then when you replace it because it didn’t last. I am planning on sharing with you some sustainable brands I discovered and some place where you can buy long lasting items! That’s it for today’s post, hope you’ll re-think your approach to fashion and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the comments.

seeyoo soon ma fwends. ©

2 thoughts on “ Minimal Fashion – How to have a minimal approach to fashion in three simple steps ”

  1. This is such an interesting approach! In terms of quality, I’m in the same boat as you – I definitely prefer more expensive, better quality and lasts longer to cheap and low quality. I love the minimal trend on other people, but I love colours for myself! xx

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    1. yeah I feel like everyone can approach minimalism in their own way! I personally got attracted to it naturally because I don’t really wear colors, when I do I feel like a Pokemon catcher lmao – thank you for your comment ❤


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