Minimal Fashion – How to have a minimal approach to fashion in three simple steps

I am back today with a guide to minimal fashion! my style really changed throughout the years (thanks god), I went from extra colorful, to cute and girly and now street style/minimal and I want to talk about the minimal part today. The logo mania became a trend in 2016, exposing a brand name/logo became […]

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PFW – my favorite looks from KL’s last Chanel Collection

One of the most anticipated show at every fashion week is probably the Chanel Show which takes place everytime at the Grand Palais in Paris. However, this Autumn/Winter Collection is somehow special because it is the last collection of Karl Lagerfeld for the parisian house (since Lagerfeld past away recently). What I loved the most […]

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Que l’on ait beaucoup, peu de vêtements, ou plusieurs styles, on a tous un go-to outfit, une sorte d’uniforme que l’on porte quand on n’a plus d’inspiration ou tout simplement une valeur sûre dans notre dressing que l’on peut porter en tout temps. Pour ma part ce daily uniform est composé d’une paire de Converses […]


NONA9ON – Ultimate Wishlist (even if i’m broke af)

Among the korean streetwear brands i love there is Nona9on. It is a YG Entertainment (Blackpink and Ikon’s company) apparel brand with a strong streetwear influence and interesting fabrics. I recently checked their website and thought i could do a (dream) wishlist, DREAM I REPEAT because the average price is around 100$ so hell no. […]

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