Get To Know: JinChoi최진

(JinChoi) is a half-time student, half-time famous long boarder and model. You might probably know Jin for her viral video on instagram (@c.jiny) where she slides through the crowd in a school uniform.

She even became the face of Solinotes fragrances as well as Tinder Korea! I have been following her for a good year now and I am still obsessed by the way she effortlessly ride through the streets of Seoul. If you are wondering what kind of long boarding she does, it is called longboard dancing. So get to know 최진 in this quick interview!

Note: Jin and I where both in our exams period when we did the interview that’s why it is shorter than all the ones I did before.

Julie (me)- Where are you from?

Jin- I am from Seoul, Korea!


J- What is your life motto?

Jin- I always think YouOnlyLiveOnce. So I’m going to live doing whatever I want to do.

J- How do you spend your days in general?

Jin- Of course long boarding is part of my life, I always ride it once a week but besides riding the longboard, I am a college student. I also like to do free diving!

J- When did you start the longboard?

Jin- I’ve been riding a board for about 4 years now. An (I think) I’m (still) not good at it.

J- What are your thoughts when you are riding?

Jin- (When I ride) I am (mostly) trying to be pretty. Especially (since) I am doing a lot of collaborations for instagram.


J- Do you have any upcoming project?

Jin- (Yes), I will go to Jeju Island for a shooting project with my longboard!

J- So what about traveling? Where do you want to travel?

Jin- I like traveling. I went to Japan last month and I also went to Boracay and I’m not counting my trip to Jeju Island! I really want to go to Europe and America!!!!!


Thank you so much to Jin for taking her time to answer to my questions even during her exam period. I am really happy to do this with her! You can follow Jin on her instagram as well as on her youtube channel where she posts more longboard videos.

ps: I had to modify her answers to make it more fluid for the article.

photos from Jin’s instagram & Tumblr.©


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