my 2019 goals and resolutions

happy new year !! bonne année !! frohes neues jahr !! Feliz año !! 新年快乐 !! 해피 뉴 이어 !! 明けましておめでとう !!

I wish you a happy new year filled with love, happiness, health and dreams. So yes, we are already in 2019. For me 2019 is a year of radical changes in a lot of aspects of my life: first of all, i’ll become an adult (in 3 month and three weeks), i’ll graduate (lmao i hope so pray for me), i’ll move alone in my own apartment so i’ll be a 100% independent (and i kinda feel apprehensive about it) and finally i’ll go to uni !! Yup… a lot of changes. I thought that getting my shit together at the very start of the year would be a good idea so i wrote down all of my goals and resolutions to have an overview of where i want to go so i can start to establish a strategy to get there.


Study well at school until the end so i graduate and i’ll be finally done with highschool (and have a good appreciation as well because you know,,, i need it).


Find a part time job and start to save for my apartment. Since i want to stay in Paris i’ll probably have to work during the summer vacation as well so i have enough money to move out and still be economically stable.

Find an apartment (aha), i already have a location idea and i know it will be a studio because i clearly can’t afford something bigger in Paris as a student. I also want it to be a place where i can work on my art, make videos and have an animal so it has to be big enough for that.


Find a good university that complete my professional goals. I actually want to go on a gap year but i want to stay in the ‘school’ spirit so i decided to give a try to uni and if i can’t keep up i’ll just continue my gap year and stop classes and go to an art school the year after.

Travel to Korea and Australia. These two countries are on my bucket list for a few years now and i am hoping on visiting them soon.



Saying bye to self doubt, self hate and my lack of confidence (non existence actually) because i don’t have time for that, i mean, who does have time for that? Yup, that’s right, no one.

Being more open to new creative process and not rejecting certain types of art.

Being more aware of what i put in my body and aiming for a better lifestyle.

Giving more time to my passions (like i want to go back to making music, photography and my bloooog).

Spending more time with my loved ones.

And finally, to say when i don’t feel good so i don’t stay alone in my despair. Oh and not being too negative and dramatic.


SO THAT’S PRETTY MUCH IT. Thank you for reading and i can’t wait to see in the comments what are your goals and resolutions for this year! I am really happy to start a new year on The Golden Crush with you and i hope you are ready for a re-new and more regular content…, love.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2019?


Get To Know: Youjin유진

Hi – I am in the best mood today because first of all, I am back on the blog and secondly, I had the chance to interview two of my favorite youtubers, Youjin유진 and Nuria Ma, I truly can’t believe it, I am just so happy to share with you their interviews!! So today I am introducing you to Youjin (유진), a 17 year old Korean American living in the United States. She defines herself as ‘a typical high school student’ but she makes youtube videos and that’s why she is today featured on the blog!

I’m definitely an introvert but I do love spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy meeting new people but I prefer being in my room watching youtube and netflix a little bit more haha.

Her videos are fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle related and I just love how she does everything with calm and softness. If I have to use one word to describe her channel it’s definitly ‘SOFT’. It is just so nice to sit at your desk and watch her videos. So keep reading if you want to know more about Youjin!

Julie (me!!)- Can you describe your youtube channel?

Youjin- At first, I wanted to make beauty and fashion related videos because those were all the rage back then on Youtube. I wanted to become a « beauty guru. » Unfortunately, I easily lost interest while creating beauty content because I realized that they’re not what I’m the best at. Now, I mostly make casual vlogs with beauty/fashion videos once in awhile! In the future, I want to create more fashion contents and of course, create more professional, polished vlogs.

J- What prompted you to start your channel? And when?

Y- I’ve been obsessed with Youtube the moment I discovered it in 2012 as a 5th grader in elementary school. I loved that you could literally put up whatever you wanted and that you could communicate with so many people around the world! After watching Youtube for years, I made my first channel in 2014 but didn’t officially start until beginning of 2018!

J- What/Who inspires you the most (it can be anything, from music, to art, person, photography…)

Y- I never really had a role model in my life but recently, I found a group of people that really inspire and motivate me: BTS. I know that BTS blowing up all over the world with crazy fangirls but I look up to them as role models than as a « Kpop Idol. » It’s so crazy to think about how 7 passionate people with same goals came together to push themselves above and beyond their original goals and limits. Their achievements always inspire me to use my passion to push myself and others to become THE best version of myself.


J- What are your passions in life (you are a dancer, is there anything else you love?)

Y- Yes, I am a dancer but to be honest I wouldn’t say that dance is my passion.

I’m passionate about creating.

I’m passionate about creating something that is entertaining and expressive. And dance is just one of the things that fits under that passion. My main passions right now are videography and maybe fashion because I love expressing myself through what I wear!

J- What is it like to be korean and to live in america? Do you miss Korea?

Y- I don’t think there’s anything special as a Korean living in America. I spent most of my life in America so America feels more like home to me than Korea but I do miss Korea!

J- What do you love the most about korea? What is the best thing in Korea you don’t have in the US?

Y- I love Korea’s well developed public transportation system. I love how easy it is to travel all around Korea just by taking trains, subways, or trains. I also love how Korea is small, which makes it easier to visit different towns, cities in a short period of time because it is so hard to travel in the U.S.
J- What is your current playlist?
Y- In My Feelings by Drake, Paris in the Rain & I Like Me Better by Lauv, Bbibbi by IU, Star by Vinxen! ❤

J- How do you feel about having almost 165K followers on youtube and seeing the number growing each day? Do you interact a lot with them? What is the best part about having a community like this?

Y- It’s honestly so surreal. I’m so so thankful for every one of them. I wish I could interact with them more but I’m trying to interact with them more through youtube and instagram lives! The best part of having a community like this is that I’m always surrounded by love and support and that I’m able to use that towards making better content!

J- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Y- I’d be 27 years old in 10 years…I hope I’m still on my Youtube grind lolol. And hopefully, I’d be settled down in a city that I love with people understand and support me no matter what!


J- What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Y- I want to take Youtube more seriously and post high quality videos consistently!

J- What are you currently studying? And where do you want to work in the future?

Y- I’m taking typical high school classes: AP Chemistry, AP calculus, US History, etc. I want to work as a freelancer/ Youtuber. I also want to own a clothing brand/business one day!

J- Who are your favorite youtubers?

Y- I love Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Meloche, Ellie Thumann, Kinda Cool, OnDo, Jenn Im, Yoo’s Beauty, Allegra Shaw, and Tatiana Ringsby!

J- Where do you dream to travel to?

Y- I’d lovee to visit Italy, Spain, Iceland, and LA and New York!


J- Do you have any project for your channel?

Y- I have more fashion contents planned for the month of November. And I plan to put up weekly vlogs in December! I’m so so excited :))

J- And finally, your go-to beauty/skincare product?

Y- I LOVE Neutrogena’s hydroboost moisturizer and Mac lipstick in Chili. I honestly cannot live without them!


And that’s all for today’s interview, I hope you learned more about Youjin and if you haven’t seen her videos yet, check it out! 감사합니다 요진 for answering to my questions, I hope your youtube audience will grow and I truly can’t wait for your new videos to come out!


Finding Your Aesthetic.


aujourd’hui je reviens avec un article plus personnel que d’habitude car je vais vous parler d’esthétisme. Pas l’esthétisme dans son sens général mais l’esthétisme au sens personnel, celui qui nous appartient, qui nous représente et nous défini (ou plutôt que nous définissons).


L’esthétique est une discipline de la philosophie ayant pour objet les perceptions, les sens, le beau, ou exclusivement ce qui se rapporte au concept de l’art.

A plusieurs moments je me suis retrouvée à me demander quel est mon type d’esthétisme, what’s my aesthetic? Par exemple quand une personne cherche à s’exprimer, en montant/filmant une vidéo, écrivant un article, prenant une photo, en s’habillant, dessinant… elle le fait à sa manière et exprime donc son esthétisme à travers ce qu’elle fait. Pour donner un exemple concret, @brendahashtag, possède un esthétisme qui lui est propre. Tout ce qu’elle aime, possède et fait est en noir et/ou blanc car c’est comme ça qu’elle aime les choses et qu’elle s’exprime, c’est sa manière d’être. D’autres exemples, Emma (@bnsphotography) ou Tram Anh (@tramanh) qui me paraissent définies dans leur manière de s’exprimer.

brenda hashtag aesthetic
photo courtesy to

Mais quand j’essaie de définir mon esthétisme je m’en trouve incapable et c’est d’ailleurs pourquoi j’ai souvent du mal à écrire des articles, faire le design du blog, monter mes vidéos, m’habiller etc car je suis mélangée entre plusieurs types d’esthétismes que je ne suis pas capable de mélanger. Autrement dit, j’ai l’impression d’avoir ‘plusieurs  personnalités’ qui peuvent se présenter sous forme d’esthétismes et entre lesquelles je ne sais choisir car l’une est toujours en train de pousser l’autre et je ne sais les faire cohabiter. Et l’acceptante de soi passe en partie par la connaissance de soi et je me sent toujours bloquée à cette étape sans pouvoir y faire grand chose.


Alors pour sortir de cette phase de blocage j’essaie. J’essaie de faire taire les autres ‘moi’ et ne met qu’un seul ‘moi’ en avant pour qu’il s’exprime pleinement ce qui crée une sorte de non régularité dans ma personnalité et dans ma façon d’être car un jour je serai ‘moi’ et un autre je serai un autre ‘moi’ tout en était le même ‘moi’ général (ça fait beaucoup de moi je sais). C’est d’ailleurs pourquoi la manière dont j’écris sur ce blog diffère en fonction des articles et des sujets.



Une fois après avoir trouver ce ‘moi’ qui parait le plus ‘moi’ et naturel, son mode de vie, sa manière de pensée va évoluer vers cet esthétisme de manière automatique.


En conclusion, je pense que trouver son esthétisme est sur le chemin de ‘trouver qui l’on est’ qui mène à l’acceptante de soi. Bien évidement, cet esthétisme peut évoluer on long d’une vie mais peut être fait d’une manière où l’on sait vers quel type d’esthétisme on évolue/ se dirige.


J’aimerai beaucoup savoir si entre vous, certain(E)s pensent avoir trouvé leur(S?) esthétisme ou si vous êtes dans la même situation que moi

THE END. midnight thoughts edition (PS: je suis désolée si vous vous attendiez à une méthode particulière pour trouver votre esthetisme aha)