I’m excited today because I have big news! I am moving abroad, on my own. I am leaving France to go to Seoul in South Korea. I enrolled with EF (which is a great company for traveling abroad) for a gap year.

Here is a little explanation of my gap year!

the destination

I didn’t planned on going to Seoul, at first New York was my choice but the school was far from the campus and I didn’t wanted to spend all of my money in the subway so I choose Seoul, a city known for its amazing transportation system. It is also a chance that I managed to enroll for the Seoul cursus since the destination is becoming very famous (hallyu 한류 wave who dis). At first I was kind of regretting my choice, but knowing that I have family there and that my friends will come visit me I feel much relieved.


The past few years have been quite complicated at home and all I wanted was to move out as soon as possible (but I had to be 18 to do so). Guess what, I am 18 years old now so I started looking for apartments in Paris and one of my professors recommended me to look for universities abroad and that’s how it happened. And going on a gap year was on my mind for a long time so I am happy that it is finally happening.


my plane is booked for Friday the 13th of September (in two months whaaaat). that’s when everything will start. I will stay there for a whole academic year which means 9 months abroad. I will be coming back to France in may if everything goes as planned.

what will I do there?

In Seoul, I will learn Korean (obviously duh) and work (I have a working holiday visa). I will attend a language school in Gangnam-daero. The Korean classes will be every morning and I’ll have the afternoon for me, and this, for a year, I already love it.

what are my plans?

I did a little Seoul bucket list in my bullet journal that includes:

  • take classes at One Million Dance Studio
  • do a picnic at night at the Han River
  • visit the Seoul aquarium
  • go to Jeju Island
  • go to see Wendy in china and meet my friend Zoe
  • have an arcade night and be broke with Piper

I have plenty other things on my list so tell me if you want a post about it!

about the blog?

oh boi, the blog will be thriving. I have so many places I want to show you already and I even planned on maybe opening a youtube channel? I am not sure but plenty of content will be created there since I’ll have the time to work on the blog and also because it is Seoul darling, this city is art, this city is fashion, style, everything.

I am scared and happy at the same time. I just want to bring my friends and my fam in my suitcase. I already miss them! Have you ever been on a gap year? How was it? Please tell me everything you know in the comments I need advice!

ps: this post opens a new category on the blog: the gap year. In this category you will find all the posts I will make during this year, see you there!



10 thoughts on “ I am moving abroad, I need advice! ”

  1. Je suis très contente pour toi ! Je pense que ça va être très formateur, et puis ça sera une expérience inoubliable. L’année prochaine j’aimerais aussi prendre une année pour partir à l’étranger ! Je pense qu’ouvrir une chaîne youtube serait super cool, parce-que c’est toujours intéressant de voir quelqu’un évoluer dans un environnement complètement différent. Hâte de voir tout ça !
    bisous x

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Coucou Diane! merci merci merci ❤ je pense aussi, car on est obligé d'évoluer dans un tel environnement, seule en plus, ca apporte beaucoup. oh on sera des gap year twins aha tu voudrais aller où?
      et je réflechis pour la chaine youtube, j'ai peur de m'investir dans la création d'un contenu qui sera ignoré aha.
      des bisous x

      Aimé par 1 personne

      1. C’est à vivre une fois dans sa vie je pense ! Moi ce serait plus les États-Unis mais si c’est impossible je me rabattrais sur Londres (qui est déjà cool). Pour ta chaîne, je comprends mais il n’y a pas de raison que ça marche moins bien que quelqu’un d’autre ! En tout cas je regarderai x

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  2. je suis si excitée pour toi !!!!! tu vas kiffer et j’ai hâte de découvrir tout le nouveau et fabuleux contenu que tu pourras créer là bas !! Seoul seems so inspiring < 3 à bientôt pour le projeeeet heheh
    des bisous, emma

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. emmaaaa, aha merciii ❤ go faire des facetimes à 1h du matin. j'aimerai tellement t'enmener là-bas on pourrai faire tellement de photos!! ehehehe il faut que je t'envoie le moodboard et j'ai des idées en plus pour le projet soooo


  3. It is exciting that you’re moving abroad to Seoul! I haven’t been to New York before but it’s super busy and it’s such a culture shift. It is great that you have a list of things to do while being in Seoul. Sending you positive vibes!
    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. hi nancy!! thank you for your sweet comment 💕 you can’t believe how excited i am right now! i hope you’ll visit nyc once i had the time of my life there 🙂 thank uuuuuuuu 💕💕


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